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How To Get In On Insider Deals On Oceanview PropertiesFinally Johnny has joined the DR Escapes team full time and I can let you in on a little secret about how we are able to find some incredible real estate deals for the participants in our free North Coast Discovery Tours.  One of the tricks to finding a good deal on Dominican Republic ocean view property is to get there before the properties have been priced up by real estate agents and before the sellers have become glassy-eyed and unrealistic about property values.

As the former owner of the Remax office here in Cabrera, and a long-time successful real estate broker in the Caymans and in Florida, I can tell you with certainty that this Cabrera real estate market is very different.  The best deals are insider deals, usually based on personal relationships.  Took me a while to learn that.

In this 2 video series I want you to get to know John Stevens… Johnny.  Johnny is the newest full-time member of our DR Escapes team and I want to share with you how this English bloke has been helping us all get in on some of the best insider real estate deals in the Cabrera area and why his joining the DR Escapes team full time will open even more insider deals for those of you that are looking for a place to park some of those savings offshore out of harms way.


In this first video, Johnny will explain what he has been up to since he arrived on this island almost 15 years ago and especially what he has been up to for the last 5 years.  By getting to know Johnny a little better, I think you will understand a little more about how the best deals on real estate come our way to share with our North Coast Tour Participants.


In this second video segment, Johnny explains in detail how his experience running the English school has opened insider deals for our guests that the real estate brokers in the area only dream about.


As time allows I will show you a few more examples of the types of properties you will find down here.  But right now I am headed out for almost a month of non-stop tours of the North Coast with a bunch of families that are taking us up on our free Discovery Tour invitation.  Also, somewhere in this hectic schedule I will squeeze in some more blog posts about world events and how they threaten you money and your freedom.

For now, it’s Barry in the DR encouraging you to stop watching and start living.


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